A day well spent. I jacked up my car drained and changed my oil, the oil filter, the air filter, added coolant, then rotated my tires then polished the points of my spark plugs. I feel all manly just like a lesbian mechanic.


  1. Now I know who to call next time I need my oil changed. Will you do it in a speedo?

  2. how do you even know how to do that?

    i don't know how to change a tire, check my oil, or know what to do if my car overheats.

    all i know is where the wiper fluid goes, where the best 'by-hand' carwash is, how to dial CAA, and oh, and how to drive.

  3. Another reason I am glad I use public transportation.

  4. Better yet Scott I’ll do it in a day glow neon orange thong!

    Shirley, my experience comes from sleeping with hot butch men who like to soup up old muscle cars that they bought cheap and turned for a profit. Really.

    Big Daddy...Nobody walks in L.A...and when I say L.A. I’m referring to Lower Alabama. Somebody call the Missing Persons Bureau I’m missing the Missing Persons.

  5. Now I'm going to have that Missing Persons song stuck in my head for days.