Daliah Lavi:

"Born in Shavei Zion, Israel, Daliah Lavi studied ballet in Stockholm, Sweden, where she appeared in her first film: Hemsöborna (1955). Returning to Israel, her career took off properly in 1960, when she started appearing in a large number of European and American productions. Fluent in several languages, she has been in German, French, Italian, Spanish and English-language films. Lavi's film appearances include Mario Bava's gothic classic La Frusta e il corpo (1963), the role of The Girl in Lord Jim, and the first Matt Helm movie The Silencers (1966). However, her most famous role is probably as 'The Detainer/007' in Casino Royale (1967) opposite Woody Allen."

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" Daliah Lavi remains a slightly enigmatic person. An ex-model who did not bother to pose for studio photographic sessions; an actress who traveled constantly to keep working but who casually antagonised Hollywood by roundly declaring that she hated the place; a woman who twice abandoned a successful career to succeed at something different Daliah Lavi does not fit into any conventional category."

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Daliah Lavi at her most glamorous singing about Jerusalem wearing a printed silk two piece halter top pant/skirt combo.


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