Better Homes Than Yours:

Andy Warhol was one of the most interesting artists of the twentieth century and was well known for his decorative collectibles. Few were ever granted the privilege of being invited into his Upper East Side of Manhattan traditional four-story townhouse with close to 30 rooms. The interior consisted of fine art deco furniture and museum-quality American, English and French antiques, rich fabrics, great rugs, and hand-stenciled wallpaper. Much of Warhol's Federal and Classical American furniture was made in Philadelphia and Baltimore from around 1815 to 1840. His choices were motivated by price as much as aesthetic value.

This photograph from the early 1980's shows the eccentric artist at home with his eclectic mixture of fine furnishings and odd accessories and that Andy Warhol was way ahead of the trends of the period.

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  1. If one had bare floor boards and no carpets in the 80's you were considered poor, how ahead of the times Andy was and red wall have become popular here too, but not in my household.