What I'm Listening To:

Since my weed dealer Mary Ann got busted and is otherwise out of commission I thought, “It’s Time For Tina.” Not that kind of “tina” but the beautiful castaway from Gilligan’s Island, Ginger Grant. Tina Louise made four record albums, two for Concert Hall, and two for Urania Records (1958 and 1959 respectively). By far the most sought-after of these is the "It's Time For Tina" with arrangements by Jim Timmens and Buddy Weed's Orchestra, 12 tracks include Tonight Is The Night and I'm In The Mood For Love. Coleman Hawkins is featured on tenor sax.

My burning question for the unfortunate prisoners of Gilligan's Island and of the ill fated three hour tour is, Who were they all sleeping with? Let’s see we have Mr. And Mrs. Howell and of course they slept in the same hut. Then we had the Professor who of course had Ginger and Mary Ann. Then we have the Skipper who of course had Gilligan. By the way if you had to...would you...do Ginger or Mary Ann?



  1. Oh my goodness...I heard this at a friend's house last year!

    I didn't even know what it was when I walked in, but was loving it. Then he showed me the cd and well, it was love.

    Who would I do? The professor of course.

    But Ginger would be a close second.

  2. I think the question should be who would you rater be? Mary Ann or Ginger. Cause Mary ann is cute and all but Ginger Grant is where it's at.