Project Runway:

I’m a Project Runway viewer...there I said it! I feel better now. I’ve watched the show since season one, when Jay McCarroll, formerly of the porn profession, turned out some cool threads.

This season has been a little uninspired but still managed to pop into my head on Wednesday nights when thinking of what comes on TV. “Oh yeah Project Runway comes on tonight." Rami of course is the guilty pleasure. “Why didn’t they show Rami in his towel tonight?” That has to be the highlight of each show for me. Rami possesses a certain yin and yang quality. On the one hand he has a nice body and an ample ass, on the other hand he’s kind of a sexy Uncle Fester.

Christian the little nelly bitch has finally won me over. He’s tackled each challenge effortlessly with time left over to survey the room and pronounce the other designers work to be, SHIT! Anyway I was checking out the Bravo website and found preview pictures of the designers fashion week final collections. I’m waiting to see the episode before I can make an accurate assessment. Still like Christian, but I wish I was twenty again and had hair like that so I could flat iron the fuck out of it and approach the heights of beauty, like say Patti LaBelle.


  1. goddamn i hate that christian....cocky rotten selfcentered sonofabitch

  2. IS it just me or is Rami's booty getting bigger each week?

  3. I love PR, it's the only show I watch! This season is a tad lame, especially after last season, which was fantastic. This year it seems that almost everyone gets along, which is actually nice but boring.

    Rami is certainly a hottie. Also a bit of a control freak, and possibly a bitch. But a hot one!