Pilots Rescued After Fighter Jets Crash:

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) — Two fighter jets crashed into the Gulf of Mexico during a training mission Wednesday, but the pilots ejected and were later rescued, the Air Force said.
Eglin Air Force Base spokeswoman Shirley Pigott said the pilots were rescued after their single-seat F-15C Eagles disappeared Wednesday afternoon off the Florida Panhandle, about 35 miles south of Tyndall Air Force Base.
The Air Force has not determined if the planes collided. Weather in the area was clear.
Coast Guard Petty Officer James Harless said a Coast Guard rescue jet located one pilot and radioed the location to a fishing vessel, which picked him up. A Coast Guard helicopter then hoisted the pilot off the vessel.
That pilot told rescuers he saw the other pilot also eject, but lost him in the clouds, Harless said. He told them the approximate location for the second pilot, who was found by a Coast Guard helicopter, Harless said.
The conditions of the pilots were not immediately available, he said. They were being taken to Eglin base hospital.
Harless added that no debris from the jets has been found yet.

Associated Press

When contacted by Mean Dirty Pirate Press the pilots of both aircraft had no memory of the incident and at the time believed they were nine year old girls competing in an upcoming clogging competition. Speaking with FBI agents, Muldur and Scully, who are investigating the crash had this to say,
“It is believed the jets crashed because of alien activity, the pilots memories have been erased and the debris was confiscated by said aliens to be used in a diorama display in an intergalactic museum.”
More compelling evidence that the Florida panhandle is indeed the UFO capital of the world.

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  1. "Clogging???" you say?

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