The Drive-In:

During the early 1980's friends would pile into a convertible and head for the drive-in movie. You would pay two dollars per carload for the G rated movie and then swerve toward the lot showing the R rated movie and sometimes the one rated X. No one cared, no one checked, no one was asked to leave. There in the comfort of a car, teens would relax, chat, make-out, and get high, and sometimes actually watch the movie. Now that time is gone and sadly most drive-in’s have either been developed or abandoned. Before the era of latch key kids and milk carton advertising, teenagers had more freedom to have fun and grow up. The drive-in was a hang-out and a right of passage. Typical billings would include Sixteen Candles, Cinderella (the x-rated version,) and Angel. Angel was a movie about a teenage student/prostitute. Because in 1984 all high school girls were prim preppy honor students by day and hookers by night.



  1. I SO miss Drive-Ins. They were the best. And ANGEL? I hadn't thought of that movie in years. I might have to try and rent that one. Did it make it to dvd?

  2. Dick Shawn and Susan Tyrrell really make this one worth watching and yes I just found out that it is on DVD. WooHoo now all I need is an outdoor movie screen.

  3. Sigh, I remember the drive in.

    I saw tons of movies on the big-big screen.

    Although, TVs these days are getting pretty big.

  4. The drive in is only a dim but magical memory for me.

    I envy you that you had them there so long.

  5. Wasn't this supposed to be made into a musical starring Bea Arthur in the title role? I know Bea's a little old for the role...but there's no one that could sing "Watch out, Fucker, Angel's Gotta a Gun" like Bea.