Metrosexual / Homopolitan:

It used to be that gay men were trend and style setters, incorporating the latest hairstyle or fashion transition with record setting cliquish speed. Once the ridicule had worn off, gay wearers of new styles and trends were rewarded with the best flattery, that being imitation and adoption by the straight masses. Now straight men are adopting gay fashions faster than the gays. Times change quickly it seems when gay and straight men have become fashionably interchangeable. It’s increasingly harder for me to tell who is gay and who is straight anymore. You rarely run into a good old fashioned gay face these days and the kids are strangely pan-sexual, freely going from boys to girls and back to boys. Lately though I have run into some of the nelliest creatures I have ever encountered, and it gives me encouragement knowing that the flaming homo is back in style this season.


  1. I loved Nelly she was my favourite character from the show and Mrs Olsen too. I'm going to have to buy the DVDs.