Miss Gloria Parker:

Wow I'm having one of those days where I keep running into Mary Poppins references. I stumbled onto a photo that showed a woman with a bouffant hairdo playing musical glasses. Hmmm...who’s that? She’s the most fabulously glamorous Miss Gloria Parker and boy does she have a lot to tell ya. Starting her career conducting her own all-girl orchestra, becoming the "Princess of the Marimba" and writing a book entitled, "CORRUPTION REIGNS IN OUR COURTROOMS" detailing her legal battles for copyright infringement concerning her claim of having written the song, "Supercalafajalistickespeealadojus."

"Glorious Gloria Parker world renowned Musician, Song Writer and Performer with a reputation of fighting injustice has composed a New Album titled “Corruption Reigns In The Courtroom” highlighting today’s “Black Collar” Criminals. Yes, our legal system’s Crooked Judges and Shyster Lawyers!"

"One of Gloria's favorite songs she wrote was "Supercalafajalistickespeealadojus" and she called it "The Super Song". "It was so much fun playing and our audiences loved it!" Gloria reminisced "My band played Supercalafajalistickespeealadojus at New York's finest hotels, Waldorf Astoria, Taft, Roosevelt and the Edison. I wrote Supercalafajalistickespeealadojus as a Fox Trot or to just listen to as you socialized with friends."

"Gloria is a masterful songwriter and she wrote musical arrangements for many of the great band leaders, Dorsey Brothers, Lionel Hampton, Bob Chester and Alan Holmes. "I published many of my songs under different pen names" Gloria explained "I penned Supercalafajalistickespeealadojus under Patricia Smith, It was recorded by Columbia Records with Alan Holmes and his Orchestra, and my talented brother Sheldon designed the sheet music cover". Supercalafajalistickespeealadojus had a 1951 Parker & Young Copyright, and all seemed right in the world until Barney Young asked Gloria if she would like to see a new Disney movie called Mary Poppins. "We were stunned and in shock" Gloria Remembers "They disguised the music, kept our magical theme and boldly added an R to Supercalafajalistickespeealadojus".

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