What I'm Listening To: Debra Dejean

In the early 1980's while still a teen hanging out in gay bars I had the opportunity to meet Debra Dejean. It didn't matter in those days when the drinking age was 18 if some cute underage chickens slipped passed the doorman every now and then, it made for a more diverse crowd. Unlike today's kids who seem to think because they are young it automatically makes them attractive, we had dues to pay, the old guard was still alive and there was a hierarchy in place. You behaved and played nice or you didn't get to play. Music was in a state of revolution in those days and dancing the main attraction with obscure recording artists making the rounds in the South peddling their latest single at the disco. The owner of the local bar dabbled in music production, in fact he co-produced the disco classic “Ring My Bell” but that’s another story, and he was connected with some of the best talent at the time and would arrange small shows at his club. One night as a surprise, in walked Debra Dejean, for several months we had been dancing to “Goosebumps” by Debra and it was a crowd and DJ favorite packing the lighted dance floor each time it played. This particular club also had an impressive array of neon and other lights operated by a technician and each time Debra sang the refrain “he had a cardiac arrest instead” huge neon lightning bolts would go off vibrating the crowd into a trance, to this day it was an experience that was and still is very vivid. Not much information about Debra Dejean on the internet, but folks remember the songs and for a brief moment she was the Queen of the Disco.

Listen to Debra sing "Goosebumps"

Bonus song "Are You Lovin’ Somebody"

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