Profile of the Week:

hotleatherbiker - 44

This mean surly biker bear smokes, drinks and in general turns me on, often raping me in my dreams.

Sitting on a picnic bench in a wooded park hearing the roaring rumble of a hog in the distance winding down the dirt trail heading in my direction. In a great whoosh of leather, smoke, dust and testosterone, appears the face and body of a Tom of Finland clone sporting mirrored glasses. Dismounting his bike with a creaky sound of leather chaps he moves in my direction, with a huge hateful anteater dick swinging in my face. One smooth calculated flip and he locks me into a subservient bear hug position, helpless against a struggle. The great grizzly begins to do all sorts of nasty things to me when the alarm goes off and I wake to find that my hotleatherbiker was just a dream rape.

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