Pee Allen Smith

I confess to waking up early Saturday mornings to watch P. Allen on TV. He has this great swoosh of hair thing and a great lanky body that surely would look nice taking an outdoor shower in between his garden segments. In fact I love when P. Allen goes on field trips and hob knobs with the snobs in foreign lands and his awe shucks kinda personality is definitely a big turn on. I imagine P. Allen and myself working the streets of Amsterdam with P. Allen wearing leather lederhosen and licking a large lollipop and myself seducing the naive young P. Allen into a cannabis cafe where he gets stoned and I talk him into group sex and a sling in the back room, then we scour the city for tulips. Hey P. Allen, I got a job for you, planting tulips. “Oh yeah?” Yeah. I got a job for you Pee Allen, planting your two-lips around my dick! That would be good, or maybe better yet P. Allen comes over to my house and we do it right in the flower garden all the while P. Allen gives me lessons in how to propagate a species. mmm...yeah P. Allen... Pee Pee on me P. Allen.

Here's a short bio on P. Allen,

"As a fourth generation nurseryman who owned and operated his own garden center,"Pee Pee Allen" gained years of practical experience guiding the gardening public before he launched a career in television. After studying garden history and design at the University of Manchester in England, he returned to this country with the mission of inspiring Americans to embrace the joy of creating beautiful gardens."

Visit P. Allen at his website:


  1. are a man after my own heart.

    I'd just love to hear him drawl on about petunias while in that sling.

  2. Okay, totally delayed comment -- but I'm an avid gardener (yeah, gay) who just discovered P Allen. And, well, I'm a little fascinated by his crazy southern rich closeted gay white boy demeanor (whose grand-daddy spawned numerous, hushed, bi-racial children via illicit late night visits to the maid's room -- though I'm just imagining here). So exotic. I mean the NY Times just had an artical wherein multi-racial peeps have must surpassed, well, EVERYONE ELSE, in growth (from a population perspective.) And here P is representin'! Anyhoo, I just love him. And I can't wait for the scandal to burst: he's discovered keeping a harem of young Afro-american boys chained to pipes in his basement. Oh, that's mean. I actually adore Mr. Smith and am just bored, stoned and surfing the internet casually because I've been caring for our lovely 20-month-old adopted daughter alone for two days because the husband went to visit friends in NYC for the weekend.